A+E Networks recognizes that technology has enabled significant changes in the media industry. This has led to new and exciting ways that content is created, distributed and monetized across multiple platforms. A+E Ventures was formed to invest in early-stage content and technology companies to augment the company’s core cable network business. Our investments allow us to form strong strategic partnerships to leverage A+E’s broad range of existing resources to jointly innovate and enhance products and services offered to consumers.


As a leading media company, we focus our attention on three core areas:

  • Creators/brands (especially content designed to reach new audiences on multiple platforms)
  • Technology (data/analytics, advertising and marketing technologies)
  • Platforms (distributors and aggregators)

The goal of our investments include:

  • Commercial alignment with our existing brands and platforms
  • Unique shareable insights and learnings to grow our respective businesses

We look for strong founders with a combination of talent, passion and a demonstrated track record of execution.

We prefer to invest early in companies, typically at the seed or Series A level.

We regularly lead investment rounds and expect a board seat for our active participation.



  • We source our investments through venture capital firms, entrepreneurs, existing media companies and our A+E business units with business insights at the commercial level. We are actively involved in the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco ecosystems, but have increasingly been evaluating investment opportunities in other domestic markets, as well as internationally.


  • Our team reviews the investment’s strategic rationale to see if there is a fit to engage in further conversations. We work closely with the investment company to complete business and legal due diligence in a timely and efficient manner. The investment opportunity is then vetted by our investment committee for approval prior to negotiating final terms.


  • A unique differentiator of A+E’s investment participation is the active role taken to develop and grow the investment. A+E’s dedicated integrations team connects the company with internal resources that can be leveraged for rapid growth as well as access to external relationships to further build the investment.

If you’d like to be considered for A+E investment, please submit an overview to investments@aenetworks.com


The A+E Ventures team consists of individuals with a strong mix of financial, strategic and operational experience that can deliver unique value and insights to the investment process. The team has developed deep relationships both externally across the investment and start-up community as well as internally across A+E business units to identify investments that can drive strategic value to the broader organization.

Elizabeth Braiman
Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy

Kimberly Dobson
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy Integrations

Ross Habif
Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Iliya Rybchin
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Ventures

Rajat Sharma
Senior Director, Corporate Development & Strategy

Mary Catherine Wilkison
Senior Analyst, Corporate Development & Strategy

Derek Wong
Senior Associate, Corporate Development & Strategy