December 15, 2017

Lifetime January 2018 Premiere Highlights


“MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT” Season 6 Premiere!

Lifetime’s break-out docuseries MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, where six brave singles marry a complete stranger in a daring social experiment, returns for its sixth season.  This time, Boston area singles become duos, meeting for the first time at the altar.

In season six of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, Boston area singles yearning for a life-long partnership agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married to a stranger the moment they first meet. The couples will not meet until they walk down the aisle and see each other face-to-face, for the first time, at the altar. The series captures each couple’s journey as they go from wedding, to honeymoon, to early nesting, to the daily struggles of working on their marriage.   After several weeks together, each couple must make a decision: do they remain together or decide to divorce?

This season, Boston-based psychologist and Professor Dr. Jessica Griffin, joins sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and marriage counselor, Pastor Calvin Roberson on the series’ panel of experts. Together they will create what they believe are three compatible couples based on scientific matchmaking and continue to counsel and mentor the couples throughout the season.


  • Airs Tuesday, January 2 at 8:00PM-9:0PM (ET/PT)
  • Married at First Sight returns for a new season with six singles from the Boston, Massachusetts area. This season, Boston-based psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin, joins sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and marriage counselor, Pastor Calvin Roberson on the series’ panel of experts. Together, they will create what they believe are three compatible couples. This in-depth exploration of the matchmaking process culminates with the final six candidates learning that they’ll be marrying a complete stranger in just a few weeks.



  • Airs Tuesday, January 2 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • The six participants reveal to friends and family that they’ll be marrying a complete stranger – at first sight.  They have just two weeks to prepare for their weddings — they must buy rings, go dress and tux shopping, and throw a bachelor or bachelorette party. Without knowing anything about their future husband or wife — not even their name, the preparations are fraught with excitement and panic.


  • Airs Tuesday, January 9 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Six courageous singles who have been unlucky in love have entrusted three relationship experts with the biggest decision of their lives; today they will meet their new spouse at the altar as they vow to legally marry as strangers. Will it be love at first sight or extreme fright?


  • Airs Tuesday, January 16 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • After marrying as complete strangers, the newlyweds are alone for the very first time on their wedding night. Will their chemistry lead them to consummate their marriages on the very first day they meet? The next morning they find out where they’ll be heading on their honeymoons – but first they have to face their new in-laws at brunch.


  • Airs Tuesday, January 23 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Each couple embarks on a honeymoon in hopes of getting to know each other better after marrying as strangers. Will the newlyweds experience blissful harmony or will they begin to question if they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives?



  • Airs Tuesday, January 30 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Three couples who just married as strangers find themselves testing the marital waters with their new spouse on their honeymoons. As they continue to get to know one another, will their passion grow or will there be trouble in paradise?



Lifetime has ordered the new spin-off series, MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: JAMIE AND DOUG PLUS ONE, chronicling fan favorite couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s journey towards the next great chapter in their love story—parenthood!

It’s been three years since Jamie and Doug met for the very first time at the altar, on season one of Married at First Sight. Though their relationship wasn’t exactly a fairytale, they stuck with it and are now happily married, preparing for the birth of their new child, after the devastating miscarriage of their son last year.

Their lives will be forever changed, as they welcome the addition of their new little one.  The series will follow the Hehners as they navigate their ‘new normal,’ experiencing all the ups and downs of parenthood, and falling in love with their baby girl – at first sight.

Premiere: To Be Announced (#103)

  • Airs Tuesday, January 2 at 10:02PM-10:32PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: to be announced (#104)

  • Airs Tuesday, January 2 at 10:32PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: To Be Announced (#105)

  • Airs Tuesday, January 9 at 10:02PM-10:32PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: To Be Announced (#106)

  • Airs Tuesday, January 9 at 10:32PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)





LITTLE WOMEN: ATLANTA returns for a brand new season with Ms. Juicy, Minnie, Monie, Amanda and Andrea, along with Tanya and Sam. The women will continue to chase their dreams and embark on new ventures in their professional and personal lives, all while facing the challenges of living in an average-size world.


  • Airs Wednesday, January 3 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Despite her mother's skepticism, Minnie trains for her first 5K run with high hopes of hitting the finish line. With the Tiny Twinz on break, Amanda has a showdown with their manager Gayle. Meanwhile new manager Juicy signs her first artist, Abira! As Tanya prepares to give birth at home, dangerous complications arise.



  • Airs Wednesday, January 10 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Sam is forced to step in when Minnie decides to try a dangerous weight loss procedure. Amanda lands an apprenticeship at a local nail salon but her first job without her sister isn't what she expected. After giving birth, Tanya is reluctant to bring her baby around some of the girls and that leads to a blow up fight.



  • Airs Wednesday, January 17 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • During Monie's surprise birthday party for Morlin, Minnie announces she's landed a new gig in radio, putting Juicy on the defensive. With another baby on the way, Andrea give Chris an ultimatum. As Tanya recovers after giving birth, she forced to make a difficult decision regarding her other children.



  • Airs Wednesday, January 24 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • After a heated argument, Nico finally expresses his true feelings for Tanya. Meanwhile Minnie's health takes a dangerous turn. In an effort to be taken seriously as a manager, Juicy organizes a talent showcase, but when Sam and the Twins discover Caylea from Dallas is performing, Juicy's big night turns into an even bigger disaster.



  • Airs Wednesday, January 24 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Amanda and Jordan convince the group to go on a fishing trip to Tennessee, but Jordan has ulterior motives. Tanya makes a decision regarding Tahirih that impacts the whole group. And when Minnie finds out Abira has been invited on the trip, all hell breaks loose.


  • Airs Wednesday, January 31 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • As the drama between Minnie and Abira heat ups in Tennessee, Minnie worries that she's ruined Jordan’s surprise for Amanda. Andrea and Chris fall back into their old ways when Chris' jealousy gets the best of him.



Terra Jole and her husband Joe have been saving for years to buy their first home, and they’ve finally done it! However, it’s going to take a lot of hard work to make their new house a dream home. Enter the dynamic duo of home renovation experts, Cory McCrummen and Stephanie Ballard. Like Terra and Joe, these two may not always see eye to eye about the project, but the end result is always top notch. Each episode will track the transformation of Terra and Joe’s fixer upper. Together with Cory and Stephanie, Terra and Joe must stay on schedule, in order to stay on budget - which is never an easy task. With an ever-changing vision, unexpected obstacles, and two small children, Terra and Joe are going to have their hands full!


Terra's Big House: Recipe for Disaster (#104)

  • Airs Wednesday, January 3 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Terra and Joe are excited about the prospect of finally having a kitchen custom built for their height.  But between Cory discovering a problem that jeopardizes the structure of the house, and the appliances Stephanie orders not being totally LP friendly, Terra realizes that her dream of a stool-free kitchen may go up in flames.

Terra's Big House: Counter Argument (#105)

  • Airs Wednesday, January 10 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • With the kitchen renovation still incomplete and the wrong appliances ordered, Terra and Stephanie must decide if they are willing to continue working together to finish the house, or go their separate ways. Meanwhile, guest house living has become too much for Terra's brother Bourn, but Joe worries how Terra will react to her brother wanting to move out.

Terra's Big House: Home Sweet Home (#106)  Season Finale!

  • Airs Wednesday, January 17 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Terra's frustrations with the cramped living situation in the guest house prompts Joe to find a solution to Terra's office woes. Meanwhile, as Cory knocks down walls for the open concept, Terra and Stephanie continue to clash over design elements. With the house so close to completion, will Terra and Joe finally be able to move into the home of their dreams?



Season 6 Premiere


Sixteen talented designers will compete for a second chance at runway gold with the return of Lifetime’s hit series PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS. Eight All Stars veterans will go up against eight former Runway designers making it to the All Stars battle ground for the very first time. Alyssa Milano returns as host with judges Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman and Anne Fulenwider, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire joining as mentor.


Guest judges strutting down the runway this season to see who has the skills to make it to the end include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Dita Von Teese, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Rebecca Minkoff, Danielle Brooks, Olivia Culpo, Rosie Perez, RuPaul, Kelly Osbourne, Karolina Kurkova, Kasey Musgraves, and Project Runway’s Nina Garcia and Zac Posen.

The winner of PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS Season six will receive a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine and a position as contributing editor for a year, and a complete sewing studio from Brother Sewing and Embroidery. The winner also receives a once in a lifetime trip to London, England, and luxurious skincare and makeup from Rodial and accessories and styling services from Intermix, to enhance their next collection. To top it all off, the winner receives a $100,000 grand prize to elevate their business and build their brand.

Premiere: To Be Announced (#601)

  • Airs Thursday, January 4 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: To Be Announced (#602)

  • Airs Thursday, January 11 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: To Be Announced (#603)

  • Airs Thursday, January 18 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: To Be Announced (#604)

  • Airs Thursday, January 25 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)




In with the new! New dancers, new rivals, and a big new battle on the horizon as BRING IT! returns with all new episodes.


·        Airs Friday, January 5 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Coach D's frustration with the Dancing Dolls' lackluster attitudes results in dramatic departure from the Dollhouse. Shocked, the Dolls and the DDP are left to fend for themselves days before a major competition with a live music element. Meanwhile, Rittany decides to pursue and unconventional way to start a family. Will the Dolls pull it together and earn back Coach D's respect, or will the team break down, and break up forever?


·        Airs Friday, January 12 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Dianna has a HUGE surprise set for this week's Stand Battle- the DDPs will be a mandatory part of Stand Battle! However, only the moms that can showcase the best "bucking" and "booty shaking" will survive the cut. When some of the DDP are rejected, jealousy ensues unleashing outrageous accusations.


·        Airs Friday, January 19 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

·        In the last creative dance competition of the season, Dianna takes a big risk placing untried girls front and center in an elaborate "around the world" creative routine while an overly ambitious Tanishia wreaks havoc when the Dolls compete to be in New York Times best-selling photographer Jordan Matter's next photography book. Dana strong arms a reluctant Rittany into going on a blind date and Kayla's persuaded to check out Grambling University for a 48-hour stay.


·        Airs Friday, January 26 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Coach D enlists celebrity choreographers to train, audition, and select five girls for the National Competition in Philadelphia. It's any Doll's game as they struggle through intense routines in many genres. A nervous Kayla scrambles to prepare her newly formed dance team for their first hip hop competition that could make or break her dreams to be a dance coach.




From Executive Producer Queen Latifah, THE RAP GAME returns for Season 4! THE RAP GAME follows rapper and music mogul, Jermaine Dupri as he mentors five of the country's hottest aspiring young rappers. Jermaine rewrites the rulebook in this season’s battle of country cool vs. city swagger.

DO YA DANCE (#406)

·        Airs Friday, January 5 at 10:02PM-11:12PM (ET/PT)

·        JD switches up the manager/artist teams and then challenges them to come up with their own signature dance, write a rap, and shoot a viral video to post on Despite their differences, Tiki and Bri are forced to work together. Will they be able to find common ground?


·        Airs Friday, January 12 at 10:02PM-11:12PM (ET/PT)

·        JD challenges the young rappers to find their own personal style and brand, starting from a blank canvas: white t-shirt and jeans. April Roomet helps style the kids, and the winner gets their photo printed in The Rich Boys catalogue. When it's time for makeovers, Jordan has to make a crucial decision - cut or keep his signature hair.


·        Airs Friday, January 19 at 10:02PM-11:12PM (ET/PT)

·        JD challenges the kids to use their voice as an instrument and perform with celebrity drummer Tony Royster Jr. and 60 classical musicians from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Under pressure, Street Bud and Ricci Bitti struggle to remember their lyrics. Will their managers be able to help them pull off the performance?

I WIN (#409)

·        Airs Friday, January 26 at 10:02PM-11:12PM (ET/PT)

·        JD challenges the artists to show their star power and brings in actress/singer Keke Palmer and master director Benny Boom (All Eyez on Me) to work with the kids on their new music video.  Who's got the bars and the swag to shine bright?



Season 2 Premiere!


FIT TO FAT TO FIT Season 2 premieres on Lifetime!  Five personal trainers who live by strict rules of diet and exercise sacrifice their health and lifestyles to help a loved one lose weight. The trainers embark on a journey to gain massive amounts of weight themselves to understand what it’s like to be overweight.

Jessi wants to help her husband Jeremy get back to the slim and active man he once was.  Felicia is determined to overcome differences with her sister Toni to help her lose weight and feel better. Eric wants to support his friend Lori in her quest to reinvent herself by kicking her food addiction to food following the devastating loss of her husband. Willie is sacrificing his body on a mission to get his friend Quincy to come back from the edge of his potentially lethal lifestyle only for Willie himself to suffer a massive health scare. Cary is on a mission to help her friend Parneille get back in shape.

Bearing a Heavy Load (#201)

·        Airs Monday, January 8 at 6:00PM-7:00PM (ET/PT)

  • The trainers’ bodies and minds are tested. Will their dedication to the people they love be enough to get them through the next four months?  

Fit to Fast Food (#202)

·        Airs Monday, January 8 at 7:00PM-8:00PM (ET/PT)

  • Once reluctant to eat any processed food, Jessi is now getting comfortable with her newfound diet of junk food while Jeremy enjoys the benefits of his new, bigger wife. Willie has to make the toughest decision of his life about his health and has to break some heartrending news to his friend Quincy. Things aren't going well for Felicia and Toni, as Felicia battles depression in the struggle to gain weight and Toni doubts her sister's commitment to the experiment. Eric's constant eating puts stress on his marriage and Lori is in danger of sliding deeper into eating badly. New trainer Cary bursts onto the scene on a mission to help her friend Parneille get her confidence and career back on track.

Fed Up (#203)

·        Airs Monday, January 8 at 8:00PM-9:00PM (ET/PT)

  • Cary is hitting some bumps along the road in her journey to pack on the pounds for her friend.  Toni gains some compassion for her sister Felicia, who is spiraling down emotionally from the pressure to gain weight.  Lori finds closure for the first time since the death of her husband Ted, while Eric break out of a food rut.  Jessi and Jeremy's relationship takes an unexpected turn as Jessi balloons in size.



Fat to Fit (#204)

·        Airs Monday, January 8 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • After 4 months of strain on their bodies, minds and relationships, the trainers embark on a new stage of their journeys—getting their fit bodies back. This timed armed with new found empathy for their overweight loved ones. Trainers and clients work out together to go from Fat to Fit.  Jessi returns to the drill sergeant trainer she once was in order to motivate both herself and her husband Jeremy to drop the pounds. Cary wrestles with how to be tough while training her friend Parneille without hurting their relationship. Lori tests Eric’s trust with a trip out of the country, where she is surrounded by temptation and Felicia focuses on getting back to her old self, leaving her sister Toni floundering.

LOSING IT (#205)

·        Airs Monday, January 8 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

  • With only a few weeks left to meet their weight loss goals, the pressure is on for both the trainers and the clients. Tensions boil over as Cary questions Parneille’s accountability, while Eric and Lori must overcome their trust issues in the final push to reach their goals. Jeremy and Jessi enjoy more family time, but Jessi struggles with her new role as both Jeremy’s wife and his trainer. Jessi continues to worry that Jeremy will fall back into his old unhealthy ways while she still has cravings for unhealthy foods. After many emotional moments, Toni and Felicia decide they can use their sisterly bond to lift each other up as they both struggle to shed pounds.

THE WEIGHT IS OVER (#206) Season Finale!

·        Airs Monday, January 8 at 11:02PM-12:02AM (ET/PT)

  • As the final results of the FIT TO FAT TO FIT experiment are revealed, we get a glimpse into how the past eight months have transformed the lives of the clients and their trainers. Inspired by getting healthy, Lori embarks on a new and exciting phase of her life for the first time since the loss of her husband, while Eric settles back into his family life. Felicia and Toni become closer as the sisters bond over a healthy lifestyle. Jessi is seeing a new side of Jeremy — but will it last this time? And Cary and Parneille reach a turning point in their relationship employing a new plan to help them both keep the weight off for good. All will be revealed as the clock finally ticks down on their FIT TO FAT TO FIT journeys.



Series Premiere!


In the cutthroat world of modeling, every aspiring beauty needs support, guidance and sometimes a nudge down the runway. On MAKING A MODEL WITH YOLANDA HADID, former model and television personality Yolanda Hadid (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) brings her expertise to the forefront as she coaches aspiring teen models to succeed on and off the catwalk.  As the mother and agent to fashion’s “IT” girls Gigi and Bella, and model son Anwar, Yolanda and her trusted team of experts will put the girls and their “momagers” through an intensive eight week training program, focused on the physical, mental and emotional wellness that it takes to build a sustainable brand.

The eight-episode series follows six young aspiring models and their mothers as they travel to New York City, shack up under one roof and pursue their dreams of becoming a supermodel.  Each week, Yolanda puts the girls and their moms through a series of lessons and assignments designed to not only test their modeling agility, but also the strength of their mother-daughter relationship.  With a $5,000 weekly prize on the line to put towards their future careers, only one girl will be left standing to win a management contract with Yolanda’s company and the potential opportunity to be represented by IMG Models in New York. Yolanda's daughters Gigi and Bella Hadid, designers Tommy Hilfiger and Nicole Miller and supermodels Devon Windsor and Alek Wek make special appearances throughout the season.


·        Airs Thursday, January 11 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Former supermodel and model mom to Gigi and Bella, Yolanda Hadid stars as the iconic judge of this brand new series with the aim of finding the next fresh face in fashion. Joined by their moms, Yolanda and team mentor the girls on what it takes to become a successful model as they compete to win a management contract with Yolanda and the opportunity to be represented by IMG Models.


·        Airs Thursday, January 18 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Fresh off her win from last week’s assignment Mikayla is focused and on fire. Yolanda brings in Victoria Secret Model Devon Windsor and social media expert Olivia Perez to give the girls a lesson in the importance of social media for today’s top models. The models’ second assignment gives them the chance to put everything they learned about social media into practice when the girls compete for the chance to be the new fresh face for H&M’s social media.


·        Airs Thursday, January 25 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

·        The young models are pushed out of their comfort zone and must conquer their fears as they navigate a difficult circus apparatus for a shoot for Guess Bags. Makenzie’s insecurities rear their head, just as the circus shoot warms up. The girls must put everything they’ve learned from their circus assignment into practice on their first big swimwear shoot with celebrity photographer Jim Jordan.


Series Premiere!


Just in time to make New Year's resolutions, Lifetime debuts new series, THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, with Emmy nominee Cat Deeley as the host. The show follows the emotional journeys of ordinary people as they embark on extraordinary missions to change their lives, over the course of just twelve months. But what would have been one year for them, is only moments for viewers as each transformation is revealed instantaneously as participants enter one door and emerge from another, showing off a new version of themselves.  Based on the UK format from Twofour,

From reconstructive surgeries to heartwarming reunions, infertility to weight loss, no hurdle is too big for the brave individuals who have chosen to take control of their lives on THIS TIME NEXT YEAR.  Before she sends them off on their journeys, Deeley meets each participant and they make their personal pledge for change in front of a live audience.  Only after their reveal will viewers learn how, and if, they achieved their goals as the participants relive their challenges and share their successes.

Premiere: To Be Announced (#101)

·        Airs Tuesday, January 16 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: To Be Announced (#102)

·        Airs Tuesday, January 23 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)

Premiere: To Be Announced (#103)

·        Airs Tuesday, January 30 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently unavailable.)






“A TALE OF TWO COREYS” (World Television Premiere)

·        Premieres Saturday, January 6 at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • After meeting during the production of the classic 80's horror film, The Lost Boys, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim quickly became a phenomenon unto themselves. Dubbed as "The Two Coreys," the two would later collaborate on a series of 80's comedies, including License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. As their fame and fortunes rose, the two quickly spun out of control with endless partying, drug use and women. For Feldman and Haim, the Lost Boys mantra, "sleep all day, party all night," ended up becoming their way of life. With studio offers drying up and their reputations becoming tabloid fodder, Feldman eventually turned his life around by getting sober, getting married and having a son. With the support of Feldman, Haim seemed to be embracing another chance in Hollywood when the two starred in their own reality series The Two Coreys. Tragically, Haim's come back ended abruptly when he died suddenly from what the autopsy reported as natural causes.
  • Stars Scott Bosely, Casey Leach, Elijah Marcano, Justin Ellings, Paula Lindberg, Brandon Howard and Patrick Muldoon. Executive produced by Corey Feldman. (2018)



·        Premieres Saturday, January 20 at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • Based on the life of drug lord Griselda Blanco, a pioneer in the Miami-based cocaine trade. At the age of 17, Griselda Blanco, made her way to the U.S. with a fake passport with her first husband Carlos (Carlos Rodriguez). Living in Queens with her three sons (Dixon, Matteo Stefan; Osvaldo, Spencer Borgeson; Uber, Jose Julian), Griselda became enticed by the money the drug world offered, and quickly became embroiled with local drug runners. Griselda masterminded the use of beautiful women, the elderly and children as the mules and created false-bottom suitcases to smuggle cocaine from Colombia. With money rolling in, her sons abandoned school and entered the family business instead. A move to Miami would further expand Griselda’s empire, and lead to the death of her second husband Alberto, giving the rise to her nickname, The Black Widow. Her willingness to use violence against her Miami competitors, led her rivals to make repeated unsuccessful attempts to kill her. In order to protect her youngest son with third husband Dario, Griselda moved to California where she was later arrested by the DEA and sentenced to a decade in jail. The case against her collapsed and upon her release, she was deported to Colombia, where she was ultimately gunned down in 2012. In her lifetime, Griselda’s drug distribution network spanned across the United States and she was suspected of ordering over 200 murders.
  • Stars Catherine Zeta-Jones, Carlos Rodriguez, Matteo Stefan, Spencer Borgeson, Jose Julian, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Raul Mendez, Jenny Pellicer, Alejandro Edda, Jonah Stark, Jaden Rain, Dagan Nish, Lauren Guci, Warren Christie and Darcy Laurie. (2018)



·        Premieres Saturday, January 27 at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • Seven time Grammy® Award winner Toni Braxton stars as Antoinette Tuff, a struggling single mom from Georgia who heroically averted a tragedy, saving hundreds of lives when she convinced a deranged gunman who stormed an elementary school to surrender. On August 20, 2013, shortly after arriving to work at the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia, Antoinette the school’s bookkeeper, was in the front office when Michael Hill, a young man with a history of mental illness, snuck in, armed with an AK-47 and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. As the school went into lockdown, Antoinette was left alone with Michael, who repeatedly threatened to kill everyone. Showing enormous courage and empathy, along with nerves of steel, Antoinette convinced Michael to surrender by using her own life struggles to connect with him. Antoinette’s faith in God guided her through the toughest moments of her life, ultimately preparing her for that fateful day.
  • Stars Toni Braxton, Trevor Morgan, Yaya DaCosta, Kendra McKay and Malik Yoba. (2018)


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