February 15, 2017

Lifetime March 2017 Premiere Press Highlights






LITTLE WOMEN: ATLANTA returns this winter with Ms. Juicy, Minnie, Monie, Amanda and Andrea, along with new little lady Tanya. The women will continue to chase their dreams and embark on new ventures in their professional and personal lives, all while facing the challenges of living in an average-size world. Along the way, viewers will meet new friends including Atlanta newcomer, Sam. As the girls struggle to navigate their relationships, new bonds are formed and old ties are broken. And even though some relationships may be damaged beyond repair, a shocking admission forces all of the girls to confront a new reality. There’s no telling whether or not these Little Women will be stronger together when the dust finally settles.


Houston, We Have a Problem (#309)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 1 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Monie travels to Houston to visit her son D2, but when she asks her ex-husband if D2 can live with her in Atlanta, Monie doesn't get the answer she expected. Meanwhile Minnie confronts a scary medical issue and Tanya worries about her future with Nico.


Bad Romance (#310)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 8 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • When Tanya throws a housewarming party to reintroduce the girls to Nico, things don't go as expected. Juicy and Minnie hatch a plan to reunite Monie and Morlin, while Amanda gets a surprise when she celebrates her two-year anniversary with Jordan.




Bobbleheads Will Roll (#311)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 15 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Amanda finally confronts Jordan about the future of their relationship. To show Morlin how much she cares, Monie throws him a casino themed party before her luck runs out. And when Juicy reveals a surprise new venture, Minnie is quick to throw shade...and chicken!


Spill The Tea (#312)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 22 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • The girls prepare to celebrate Juicy's birthday in grand fashion. When Minnie refuses to take responsibility for her recent actions, Juicy makes it clear that Minnie isn't welcome at her party. Not one to take no for an answer, Minnie crashes the event and Juicy is forced to take extreme measures.



Series Premiere!



No air balls are allowed in Lifetime’s new series, Bringing Up Ballers. Featuring five Chicago-area entrepreneurs whose kids are some of the country’s most elite young basketball players, the six-episode series follows these feisty moms who will stop at nothing to ensure that their businesses are successful and their boys are on track to make it to the NBA. These ladies are anything but benchwarmers as they balance their households and businesses, while managing their sons’ daily practices and games. Together they are the ultimate Hoop Moms and are not afraid to call foul on each other as they fight to ensure their kids make it to the top.


Have You Met Peytyn? (#101)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 1 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Peytyn, Nikki, Johanna and Heather are Chicago mothers raising the next NBA superstars while running their own businesses. With her son George not committed to a college yet, Peytyn does everything she can to keep him close to home. Tension rises between Nikki and Johanna after pictures are placed on social media and Peytyn reveals she knows Heather's ex-husband, very well.


Suburban Invaders (#102)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 8 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Nikki's friend Tiffany, a basketball mom from the suburbs, isn't getting the welcome she hoped for from Johanna. Meanwhile, Heather's oldest daughter Danyelle is getting ready for prom, leaving Heather's ex-husband and boyfriend to get acquainted. And, when the team Nikki and Johanna's sons play for goes up against Tiffany's son's team, who will come out on top?


Stop the Press Conference! (#103)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 15 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Nikki set-ups a press conference to announce what high school her son Nimari is going to attend, creating a rift in her friendship with Johanna. Peytyn decides to keep a school offer a secret from George, but faces harsh backlash when he finds out. Tensions boil over between Nikki and Johanna at Heather's event.


Party Foul (#104)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 22 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Heather and Nikki collaborate on a joint graduation party for their kids. Peytyn confesses her feelings for her son's coach. Johanna crashes Heather & Nikki's graduation party and George finally commits to a school.



Playing with Fire (#105)


  • Airs Wednesday, March 29 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Peytyn and Heather arrange a "friend-tervention" to reunite Nikki and Johanna. Meanwhile, Tiffany's fellow suburban basketball mom, Catrina, and her son Antoine come into the scene for Nikki's 3-On-3 Charity Basketball Tournament.




After a meltdown led to her disqualification from the Summer Slam Battle Round, Miss D decides she needs to get back to basics and focus on what really matters: growing her girls into amazing dancers. The Bring it Live! Tour took the girls around the country and exposed them to new rivals and new opportunities. The Dolls will still have a battle every week but with some of her key girls getting closer to graduation, Miss D is pushing them to think bigger. She’s enlisted the help of new Ballet Instructor, Tori to prep them for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The Broadway Dance Company has agreed to give one of her girls a scholarship for a summer dance internship. On top of prepping for Battle Royale, she and Tori have 10 weeks to prepare the girls for this life altering audition.


Attack of the B Squad (#408)


  • Airs Friday, March 3 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Coach D adds a MAJOR twist to this week's stand battle that shakes up the Dollhouse and has DDP's seeing "red". The Dancing Doll veterans are temporarily "benched" as a new B squad is thrown into battle. Also, tensions rise as one of Brandon’s twins makes cuts, which leads Brandon to confront Miss D.


Premiere: To Be Announced (#409)


  • Airs Friday, March 10 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#410)


  • Airs Friday, March 17 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#411)


  • Airs Friday, March 24 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#412)


  • Airs Friday, March 31 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)





The rules of THE RAP GAME have been broken! From executive producers Golden Globe winner and Grammy nominee Queen Latifah and Grammy winner Jermaine Dupri, the third season THE RAP GAME kicks off as Tally, season two fan favorite, returns for redemption to battle it out against four new young rappers. This season, social activist Bernice King, the daughter of Coretta and Martin Luther King Jr., makes a special appearance. Rappers Da Brat, Bow Wow, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Jon Jon, I Heart Memphis, Jeezy, and Jadakiss, singer Kelly Rowland, and producers Brian Michael CoxZaytoven, and Mike Kalombo, join Dupri to help guide the artists to victory with a recording contract with Dupri’s label, So So Def Recordings.




  • Airs Friday, March 3 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • JD mixes up the management teams, and then challenges the young rappers to write, record, and shoot a music video with past Rap Game winners Miss Mulatto and Mani.  Can Ekko help Roscoe make it to the top or will Jasmine and Deetranada blow everyone’s minds?


DAT WAY (#309)


  • Airs Friday, March 10 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • JD splits the young rappers into two teams and challenges them to perform at a high school halftime show.  Can superstar mentors Da Brat and Bryan-Michael Cox bring their teams to a whole new level?


Premiere: To Be Announced (#310)


  • Airs Friday, March 17 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#311)


  • Airs Friday, March 24 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#312)


  • Airs Friday, March 31 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)





Tensions are higher than ever when Little Women: LA (#LittleWomenLA) returns with an all-new season. With the ladies focusing on their growing families and forging new career paths, making time for their friendship has become increasingly difficult. When new opportunities arise for some, jealousy and old drama reemerges, affecting both friendships and marriages. Can the women come together and extinguish the fire before they all get burned...again?


Tough Crowd (#602)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 7 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Terra has made it to the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, but with two hernias, a bevy of other health issues, and waning support from friends, the pressure seems to be closing in from all directions. Meanwhile, Christy is preparing for a cutting edge surgery that has never been performed on a little person. And Elena, Tonya, and Briana go to a comedy show that ends in tears.


Things Fall Apart (#603)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 14 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Briana worries she might be suffering from Postpartum Depression. After life threatening complications during her ground breaking surgery, Christy’s recovery is even harder than anticipated, and she’s frustrated with Todd’s lack of help.  Meanwhile, Terra finds herself wishing she were back in the ballroom, and struggles to fulfill her promises of making her family, friends and health a priority.


On Thin Ice (#604)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 21 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • After months of dealing with a tough pregnancy, Jasmine’s delivery isn’t as easy as she would have hoped for. Briana is rushed to the hospital with severe pain, and worries she could need surgery. And tension is at an all-time high between Elena and Terra, whom have not spoken to each other in over a month. Will ice skating be the perfect place for Elena and Terra have some fun and make up?  Or is their friendship on thin ice with no hopes of coming back?


Premiere: To Be Announced (#605)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 28 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)








“THE POP GAME”                                                                                           


On the heels of the hit unscripted series, The Rap Game, Lifetime keys into the world of pop music this winter with, The Pop Game (#ThePopGame). The series won’t miss a note, following music industry icon Timbaland as he works with five aspiring young vocal artists, all vying to be the next big thing on the charts. Timbaland’s team of writers, producers and top celebrity guest artists including JoJo, Macy Gray, Nelly Furtado and Jordin Sparks, will assist the kids and their manager parents in challenges designed to teach and test the skills they will need to grace some of the world’s biggest stages.


Timbaland, a multi-platinum Grammy winning super-producer and artist, has stamped his indelible imprint on the music scene since the mid-1990s, having helped create career-defining hits for artists such as Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Drake, Katy Perry and Jay-Z, among others. From developing a distinct vocal style and image, to collaborating with other artists, maximizing vocal talent and handling their paces with rigorous choreography, Timbaland will teach these young artists how to take command of the audience, but only one will walk away with a record contract with his label, Mosely Music Group. 


Premiere: To Be Announced (#103)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 7 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#104)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 14 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#105)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 21 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


Premiere: To Be Announced (#106)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 28 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)







“CUSTODY” (World Premiere)


·        Premieres Saturday, March 4, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

·        From writer/ director and Tony Award-winner James Lapine comes an emotional family courtroom drama about three women whose lives are unexpectedly changed when they cross paths at a New York               Family Court.

·        Stars Viola Davis, Hayden Panettiere, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Ellen Burstyn, Tony Shalhoub, Raúl Esparza, Dan Fogler star. (2016)



“THE WRONG STUDENT” (U.S. Television Premiere)


·        Premieres Saturday, March 11, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Kelly Halligan has moved with her 17-year-old niece from New York to California to start her new business venture. When her niece tries out for the soccer team, the two meet the athletic and handsome             new coach, Dominic. They also become acquainted with the attractive, but somewhat unstable, student Maddie who is also on the girl's high school soccer team. While Kelly and Dominic develop a                       romance, Dominic becomes the unwanted center of attention for Maddie, who becomes obsessed with her new coach and proceeds to sabotage his life and Kelly's after he refuses her sexual advances.

·        Stars Jessica Morris, Vivica A Fox, Jason Shane Scott, Evanne Friedman, Kennedy Tucker, William McNamara star. (2017)



“MOMMY’S LITTLE BOY” (U.S. Television Premiere)


·        Premieres Saturday, March 18, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  •      When ten-year-old Eric's older brother Max drowns, Eric's mother Briana takes the death of her favorite son especially hard and spirals into a dark depression. Eric, already haunted guilt over not saving Max and          desperate for attention, begins spending time with the family of his baseball coach Michael. When, in a drunken rage, Briana commits a fatal crime, she decides to take Eric and hit the road. Discovering he’s about         to be ripped away from his surrogate family, Eric takes a stand against his mother and enlists the help of the person he trusts most-- Michael.
  • Stars Bree Williamson, Peter DaCunha, Paul Popowich star. (2017)




“DOUBLE MOMMY” (U.S. Television Premiere)


·   Premieres Saturday, March 25, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • After taking a break for the summer before their senior year, Ryan and Jess rekindle their relationship, and find out that Jess is pregnant with twins. When Ryan's mother demands a paternity test, they find out that Ryan is only the father of one baby... The other father is Ryan's best friend Bryce, who Ryan discovers date raped Jess at a party over the summer. With college recruiters and an overbearing father looming over Bryce's head, he will stop at nothing to make sure that he clears his name-- even if it means getting rid of Jess and her babies!
  • Stars: Morgan Obenreder, Mark Grossman, Megan Gallagher, Griffin Freeman, David Starzyk (2017)



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