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Abby Lee Miller and the nation’s favorite tween dancers take on Hollywood in this all-new season of Dance Moms (#DanceMoms). New auditions, new competitions and new dance studios raise the stakes higher than ever before.


  • Airs Tuesday, March 3 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • It’s the ALDC’s first week back in Pittsburgh and the pressure is on to win after the girls’ lackluster showing in Los Angeles. There is division amongst the moms based on who stayed to film the MattyB music video and who left. In true Abby fashion, the group dance is a personal attack against the mothers. Making matters worse, Abby discovers the team is in the teen division and one older member must sit out, sparking even more controversy amongst the team.


  • Airs Tuesday, March 10 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • The ALDC girls are fresh off a big win and seem to be moving forward after their rocky journey to LA. That is, until Abby’s nemesis, Cathy from the Candy Apples, returns with a surprise choreographer who’s sure to rattle the ALDC’s confidence. Abby invites Ashlee and her daughter Brynn to come dance at the ALDC and quickly praises her as the next Maddie, which the original moms do not appreciate.


  • Airs Tuesday, March 17 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


  • Airs Tuesday, March 24 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


“BORN IN THE WILD” Series Premiere!

Lifetime‘s all-new unscripted series, Born in the Wild (#BornInTheWild), documents couples’ personal decisions to give birth in nature. In this new series, families take one step beyond homebirth and make the powerful choice to experience childbirth in the great outdoors. No inductions, no epidurals…just expectant mothers facing and giving birth in the arms of Mother Nature. They’ll take on the unique challenges of their natural environment, tackling every obstacle the wilderness can dish out in order to realize their dream of an outdoor birth.


  • Airs Tuesday, March 3 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • Peter and Audrey plan an outdoor birth in remote Alaska, close to home but 150 miles from the nearest hospital.  The unique setting presents countless obstacles, but they’re determined to see their vision through. Can they persevere and realize their dream of unassisted childbirth, outside in nature?


  • Airs Tuesday, March 10 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • Lance and Linda are a typical American couple living in a tidy suburb in Utah.  They have two daughters with a third on the way, and the due date is right around the corner.  With a solid birth plan in hand, they head into the wild to experience an outdoor birth that will connect them with nature. Will they be able to roll with the punches and achieve their goal, or will their birth plan go out the window in favor of something more traditional?


  • Airs Tuesday, March 17 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • Phallin and Levi are excited to welcome their fifth child, a daughter, and she’s due to arrive in the next week.  The couple is planning to have this child outdoors, at an out-of-season blueberry farm in Georgia.  Their birth plan includes a midwife and a doula, but can any team stick to their plan in the wild?


  • Airs Tuesday, March 24 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • Amy and Jeff are expecting a new baby boy, and they plan to deliver him in the great outdoors.  This is going to be their ninth child, and they’re bringing the whole brood along on the adventure.  Will they be able to take the desert heat of Southern Arizona, or will the weather change their birth plan?



Ring in the New Year and party with the nation’s favorite little women. Terra Jolé, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity Gibel, Traci Harrison Tsou and Briana Manson all return for the second season of Little Women: LA, and the stakes are higher than ever. When a shocking baby announcement is made and there’s a new little lady in town, the group’s friendships are pushed to the limit. In each hour-long episode, viewers get a unique glimpse into the lives of these girlfriends as they wade through the ups and downs of life, supporting one another every step of the way as they prove, once again, that height is just a number.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 4 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • Following a nasty fight at Elena’s house, Christy tries to make peace by bringing the entire group of girls, and their fighting husbands, to New Orleans. The group embraces the Big Easy lifestyle by dining on crawfish, petting alligators, and trying not to snap each others’ heads off.  But Briana’s desire to visit a psychic infuriates Tonya, and everyone’s tempers flare hotter than Cajun gumbo.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 11 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • While vacationing in New Orleans, tension is at an all-time high as the group anticipates the arrival of Terra’s boyfriend Joe, who hasn’t seen the rest of the group since a fistfight broke out.  Todd and Christy start arguing after he sides with his ex-girlfriend Briana instead of backing up his wife. And while Briana is blindly in love with her new Internet boyfriend, the other women are only seeing red flags, and Christy’s ultimate attempt to derail their relationship may blow up in her face.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 18 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • Newly engaged Briana is bombarded by her friends’ concerns after Terra, Tonya and Traci take it upon themselves to do a background check on her new fiancé.  Their shocking finds are too much for Briana to handle, and she struggles to decide whether or not her relationship is strong enough to withstand his past record. Elena’s clothing line for both average size and little people starts to take shape, but as people start questioning her vision at the photo shoot, the pressure could prove to be more than she can handle. And as Terra’s pregnant belly grows bigger each day, Traci and Tonya’s attempt to throw her a magical baby shower turns into a rainy nightmare.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 25 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)



The adage says opposites attract…and in the case of Lifetime‘s all-new docu-sitcom Kosher Soul, which follows the lives of Los Angeles stylist Miriam Sternoff, who is Jewish, and her fiancé, southern, African American comedian O’Neal McKnight, they do.  Divergent worlds will clash as Miriam and O’Neal’s friends and family prepare for the couple’s nuptials, including O’Neal’s conversion to Judaism and their future as husband and wife.

Despite doubts and concerns from their loved ones, recently engaged Miriam and O’Neal are preparing to marry and begin their lives in a Jewish home.  Madly in love, O’Neal is ready to prove his dedication to Miriam by converting to Judaism in order to be accepted by her mother, Nancy, who wants her future grandchildren to be raised Jewish.  At the same time, Miriam is trying to blend O’Neal’s southern upbringing and traditions into her life.  What results is a hilarious and touching peek into the love and affection between two soul mates whose deep and emotional connection overcomes cultural barriers.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 4 at 10:00PM-10:30PM (ET)
  • With the wedding just days away, Miriam and O’Neal head to New York where their polar opposite families will meet for the first time. Cultures clash as O’Neal’s country family from Lynchburg South Carolina is introduced to Miriam’s cosmopolitan Jewish family.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 4 at 10:30PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • Just back from their honeymoon, Miriam goes too far in her attempts to beat her biological clock. O’Neal struggles with his fear of becoming a “boring married man”.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 11 at 10:00PM-10:30PM (ET)
  • Miriam confronts O’Neal on his over-the-top spending habits which lead him to a check-cashing joint in an attempt to hide his paychecks. O’Neal’s conversion classes hit a snag.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 11 at 10:30PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • Miriam’s reluctance to change her last name wounds O’Neal’s ego. O’Neal wonders if marrying a White woman is literally turning him White.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 18 at 10:00PM-10:30PM (ET)
  • When Miriam and O’Neal are given an assignment to do charity, they soon find out that each of their ideas are far apart from the other…until it comes close to home.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 18 at 10:30PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • When O’Neal gets homesick for the south, Miriam invites his cousin Lucy to come visit. But when Lucy’s questions about O’Neal’s conversion lead them to Church, Miriam wonders if her good deed is headed south too.

SUPER JEW (#109)

  • Airs Wednesday, March 25 at 10:00PM-10:30PM (ET)
  • O’Neal gets cocky and decides that he can be a better Jew than Miriam. Meanwhile, Andre backhandedly steals Luba from love-struck Chico, when he takes her on a date.


  • Airs Wednesday, March 25 at 10:30PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • When O’Neal’s brand new, souped up Jeep fails to impress his mother-in-law, O’Neal tries to score points by hosting his first Shabbat Dinner. But when a surprise call from home brings bad news, his whole conversion to Judaism is put into question.



Coach D and the Dancing Dolls are back in Lifetime’s hit series BRING IT! and are taking the country by storm as they look for their fiercest rivals in the world of elite hip-hop majorette dance competitions. While the Supastarz troupe from Miami brings the heat, they are no match for the new mom who is creating even more drama in the Dollhouse.


  • Airs Friday, March 6 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • After losing twice in a row to their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds, the pressure is on for the Dancing Dolls to take home a first place trophy this week, or risk losing their reputation as the best majorette dance squad in Jackson, MS. Meanwhile, Camryn struggles after Miss D taps her to represent the team in the solo category and Tawantza pressures her daughter ZaTia to step up her game after Dianna cuts her from creative dance yet again.


  • Airs Friday, March 13 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


  • Airs Friday, March 20 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


  • Airs Friday, March 27 at 9:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)




The divide between sinners and saints has never been more clear than in the all-new season of Lifetime’s hit docuseries PREACHERS’ DAUGHTERS.  Nine preachers’ daughters leave their homes to pursue missionary work in Mexico. But with their newfound freedom, will the preachers’ daughters remain on their best behavior?

EXODUS (#307)

  • Airs Friday, March 6 at 10:00PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • When Kayla sabotages Lolly by talking to her pastor, Lolly takes it upon herself to pack Kayla’s bag.  But will she actually decide to leave the house? Later, a huge fight breaks out that involves all the girls and causes major drama.


  • Airs Friday, March 13 at 10:00PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • The mission takes a wild turn when the girls decide to sell jello shots and dance for money to buy school supplies for the kids in the barrio. Mission leader Tyche struggles with her faith and how to keep the girls motivated. Meanwhile, Jayde meets a guy and Pastor Tilo brings in a replacement after Kayla’s departure.


  • Airs Friday, March 20 at 10:00PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • When the girls find out that they are building a church for their mission, they rebel.  Lolly bails on the mission (again!) and Pastor Tilo has had enough. Later, things take a dramatic turn when Kristiana passes out in the mission field.  Meanwhile, Jayde has her very first date in Cabo but it does not go as planned.


  • Airs Friday, March 27 at 10:00PM-11:02PM (ET)
  • The girls go out for another wild night but things take a turn when Kristiana gets into an altercation with a guy.  Later, Lolly and Kristiana get into a fight and security is called.  The next morning, the girls show up to the mission hungover and Pastor Tilo, fed up, calls in the girls’ fathers for help.



“KILLER CRUSH” (World Premiere)

  • Airs Saturday, March 7 at 8:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • Paige’s crush on her professor takes a twisted turn when she is hired to be the caregiver for his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis. While waiting on his wife hand and foot, Paige becomes further obsessed with him and the life she could have. When she convinces herself that he has the same feelings for her, she will make sure no one, including his wife, stands in the way of her crush turning into the marriage of her dreams.
  • Daveigh Chase, Rick Roberts, Sydney Penny, Melanie Scrofano star. (2015)



  • Airs Saturday, March 14 at 8:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • In this modern retelling of Emily Brontë’s classic novel Wuthering Heights, Cathy Earnshaw is an outcast at her wealthy Malibu high school, where she struggles to cope with her mother’s tragic death. Sadness turns to exhilaration when her father brings in Heath, a troubled kid whose mother, a long-time employee of Mr. Earnshaw, is suddenly deported. Cathy and Heath are irresistibly drawn to each other, desperately filling the voids in each other’s lives. But theirs is a destructive love, they rarely show up to class, and when they do it’s chaos. As Cathy’s friends mock the unconventional, arrogant Heath, she feels even further isolated. Finally, Cathy caves to social pressure and breaks up with Heath for a more popular boy. Heath can’t forgive her betrayal, and the two lovers start down a tragic path spurred by jealousy, pride, and their undeniable, consuming passion.
  • Paloma Kwiatkowski, Sean Flynn, Francesca Eastwood, Andrew Jacobs, and James Caan star. (2015)


“WATCH YOUR BACK” (World Premiere)

  • Airs Saturday, March 21 at 8:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • Sarah’s life is finally where she wants it to be… recently married to her doting husband and the new mother to his adorable 6-year-old daughter, she balances her family life with a high-powered marketing job. But when Sarah starts receiving threatening texts and photos of herself on her cell phone, her perfect life starts to unravel. Unable to prove to the police that she is being harassed because the messages disappear as soon as she opens them, Sarah takes it upon herself to find out who her stalker is….and the shocking reason why she has been targeted.
  • AnnaLynne McCord stars. (2015)



  • Airs Saturday, March 28 at 8:00PM-10:00PM (ET)
  • Jodi Allen and her mother Andrea moved to suburbia to help Jodi recover from a traumatic home invasion. But when 18-year-old Jodi, while taking photos out her bedroom window, sees a sinister shadow across the street, she panics. Has her nightmare returned? Determined to take action, Jodi goes on a mission to warn her neighbors and find out the truth, only to discover that the shadow may be stalking her.
  • Amy Pietz, Kelcie Stanahan star. (2015)