Chilling account of serial killer Gary Ridgway told through exclusive

interviews with key family members and the convicted murderer himself


NEW YORK, NY – November 18, 2014 – LMN will premiere the new original documentary, “My Uncle is the Green River Killer,” on Wednesday, December 3 at 9pm ET. The two-hour special reveals the gripping story of serial killer Gary Ridgway, known as the Green River Killer, from a perspective never before told –  that of his own family members. The documentary features an exclusive interview between Gary and key female family members, including his niece Kristen Ridgway, as they confront him for the first time since his incarceration.


From 1982 to 1998, Gary killed at least 49 women – and later confessed to murdering many more. During those years, Gary lived an unassuming life with family and friends who had no inkling of the horrific crimes he committed. America’s most prolific serial killer was free for nearly two decades until he was finally caught in 2001, and later convicted to life in prison.


“My Uncle is the Green River Killer” is an emotional and intense journey led by Gary’s niece, Kristen, as she and her relatives try to uncover the motive of their merciless relative in an attempt to bring peace to the victim’s families, and to themselves. In an exclusive conversation, Kristen and key Ridgway family members confront Gary on his actions in hopes of discovering the location of the remains of additional victims.


Shocked by the total lack of regard for his actions, Gary’s family is compelled to meet with family members of some of the victims in an effort to show their sympathy and make amends. The highly emotional encounter reveals the pain shared by all involved.   


“My Uncle is the Green River Killer” is produced for LMN by T Group. Jenny Daly and Rob Dorfmann are executive producers. Laura Fleury and Peter Tarshis are executive producers for LMN.


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