Tensions are higher than ever when Little Women: LA (#LittleWomenLA) returns with an all-new season. With the ladies focusing on their growing families and forging new career paths, making time for their friendship has become increasingly difficult. When new opportunities arise for some, jealousy and old drama reemerges, affecting both friendships and marriages. Can the women come together and extinguish the fire before they all get burned…again?


premiere: to be announced (#611)


  • Airs Tuesday, May 2 at 9:00PM-10:32PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


premiere: to be announced (#612)


  • Airs Tuesday, May 9 at 9:00PM-10:32PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


premiere: to be announced (#613)


  • Airs Tuesday, May 16 at 9:00PM-10:32PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)


premiere: to be announced (#614)


  • Airs Tuesday, May 23 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)

four weddings special  


  • Airs Tuesday, May 23 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)





LITTLE WOMEN: ATLANTA returns with Ms. Juicy, Minnie, Monie, Amanda and Andrea, along with new little lady Tanya. The women will continue to chase their dreams and embark on new ventures in their professional and personal lives, all while facing the challenges of living in an average-size world. Along the way, viewers will meet new friends including Atlanta newcomer, Sam. As the girls struggle to navigate their relationships, new bonds are formed and old ties are broken. And even though some relationships may be damaged beyond repair, a shocking admission forces all of the girls to confront a new reality. There’s no telling whether or not these Little Women will be stronger together when the dust finally settles.




  • Airs Wednesday, May 3 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • The Little Women of Atlanta hit the beaches of Miami! When the Tiny Twins’ book a gig in South Beach, they invite all the girls along for some fun in the sun. But the fun doesn’t last long as Juicy and Minnie’s rivalry threatens to ruin everyone’s trip. Andrea struggles with being away from her kids leading her to rethink her future as part of the Tiny Twins.


premiere: to be announced (#319)


  • Airs Wednesday, May 10 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)

premiere: to be announced (#320) Season Finale!

  • Airs Wednesday, May 17 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)




  • Airs Wednesday, May 24 at 9:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)




Lifetime’s popular franchise heads to The Lone Star State with Little Women: Dallas (#LittleWomenDallas). When Bri Barlup and Emily Fernandez move from Atlanta to Texas after dealing with some hard times, they are ready to shake things up with a whole group of new little ladies who prove that although everything is not always “bigger” in Texas, the drama certainly is!





  • Airs Wednesday, May 3 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Amanda enters her first bodybuilding competition in Dallas and Asta tries to flake on her business deal with Emily. Meanwhile, Caylea deals with some big changes and Tiffani gets the surprise of a lifetime.

MINI-DISASTER (#113) Season Finale!

  • Airs Wednesday, May 10 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Asta is under pressure with competing deadlines for her art show and mini bar logo. Emily and Terra butt heads over their vision of the bar and all the girls are shocked to learn about what is going on with Tiffani and Austin.


  • Airs Wednesday, May 17 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • (Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)





Married at First Sight is an extreme social experiment that follows singles yearning for a life-long partnership as they agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married to a stranger the moment they first meet. A team of experts – sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, communication and relationship expert, Rachel DeAlto, and marriage counselor, Pastor Calvin Roberson, create what they believe are three compatible couples based on scientific matchmaking. The couples will not meet until they walk down the aisle and see each other face-to-face, for the first time, at the altar.

Over the course of several weeks, episodes capture each couple’s journey as they go from wedding, to honeymoon, to early nesting, to the daily struggle of working on their marriage. After several weeks together, each couple must make a decision: do they remain together or decide to divorce?  Over 40,000 candidates nationwide have applied to be married at first sight. Season five will follow singles from the Chicago, Illinois area. Previous seasons followed couples from New York, Atlanta and Miami.


  • Airs Thursday, May 4, at 9:00PM-10:15PM (ET/PT)

·        Each couple embarks on a honeymoon in hopes of getting to know each other better after marrying as strangers. Will the newlyweds experience blissful harmony or will sparks fly under the sun?


  • Airs Thursday, May 11 at 9:00PM-10:15PM (ET/PT)
  • Three couples who just married as strangers find themselves testing the marital waters with their new spouse on their honeymoons. As they continue to get to know one another, will their passion grow or will there be trouble in paradise?

MOVE-INS (#506)

  • Airs Thursday, May 18 at 9:00PM-10:15PM (ET/PT)
  • The three couples who married as strangers have known each other for less than a week, but now they must head home and decide where to live. Will they be able to compromise and find a new home that meets all of their needs?

THE IN-LAWS (#507)

  • Airs Thursday, May 25 at 9:00PM-10:15PM (ET/PT)
  • In just one week three couples have married as strangers, honeymooned in paradise and moved in together. Now that they’re settling in, it’s the perfect time for the couples to spend time with their in-laws. Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz visits each couple and helps them adjust to married life.



MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: SECOND CHANCES, follows Married at First Sight season three viewer favorites, David Norton and Vanessa Nelson, as they get another shot at finding life-long love. In season three, David’s marriage failed, despite his efforts to spark a connection with his wife Ashley. Vanessa’s marriage to Tres blossomed, only to fall apart after filming concluded. Now, with one experiment over and their divorces finalized, David and Vanessa are embarking on a new one to find their soulmates. Men and women from their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, will take part in multiple rounds of dating and courtship in an attempt to win the hearts of these two eligible singles. With guidance from the experts, as well as their family and friends, will David and Vanessa finally get their happily ever after?


  • Airs Thursday, May 4, at 10:15PM-11:45PM (ET/PT)

·        David and Vanessa have just one day to get their dating pools down from twenty-five to ten, but that’s easier said than done. At Vanessa’s pool party, she is forced to deal with the guys’ alpha male competitive sides as they fight for her attention, while David is surrounded by bikinis as tension builds amongst the women. Despite Dr. Pepper’s advice to wait for a physical connection, David chooses to kiss two of the women, creating even more potential drama.


  • Airs Thursday, May 11 at 10:15PM-11:45PM (ET/PT)
  • With just ten daters left for each bachelor and bachelorette, David and Vanessa meet with Dr. Pepper and Pastor Calvin to discuss their past romantic pitfalls. The experts tell each of them what they need to focus on going forward, in order to find their potential soul mates. Back on the playing field, tensions continue to rise between the women David is dating, which leads to some difficult decisions. Vanessa questions how much she wants a man to take charge, when one of the daters exhibits this quality to a level that is far too extreme for her liking.


  • Airs Thursday, May 18 at 10:15PM-11:45PM (ET/PT)
  • David questions whether or not the daters are in it for the right reasons when tensions among the women reach a breaking point. One of his daters can’t handle the pressure of competition and makes a shocking decision. Vanessa takes things to the next level with one of the daters after a romantic date, but has conflict with another when confronted with his chauvinistic beliefs.



  • Airs Thursday, May 25 at 10:15PM-11:45PM (ET/PT)
  • David tries to move on from recent drama but can’t seem to escape the ongoing gossip amongst the women. While one of the daters seems to have David under her spell, another woman reveals future plans that puts their relationship in jeopardy. Vanessa chooses one man for a second solo date, disappointing others that haven’t even had their first. A previous frontrunner confesses something about his past that could be a deal breaker for Vanessa.



The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and A+E Networks have entered an historic partnership whereby Lifetime, will become an official sponsor and broadcast partner of the league.  Lifetime and NWSL unveiled the complete 2017 broadcast schedule, to include 22 regular-season matches, both playoff semifinal games and the NWSL Championship game. The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) is a ten–team Division–I women’s professional soccer league featuring national team players from around the world.

The live pre-game show and weekly game will air on Saturdays, May 6, 13, 20 & 27 at 12:30pm PT/ 3:30pm ET.  The May games are below (in ET).






May 6th



Chicago Red Stars

Houston Dash

May 13th



Houston Dash

Sky Blue FC

May 20th



Sky Blue FC

Houston Dash

May 27th



Houston Dash

Seattle Reign FC

(**Because of the games being Live on the West Coast, a separate West Coast listings schedule will be available for these Saturdays.) 




Single mother Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas) is an ER doctor by day, but by night, she and her partner, a former plastic surgeon, moonlight as underground angels of death and help terminally ill patients slip away on their own terms. So far Mary has managed to stay under the radar; but death is hot, business is booming, and her double life is getting complicated.  When her world starts to unravel, Mary realizes she’s going to have to fight dirty if she’s going to stay in the killing game. Jay Ryan, Richard Short, Abigail Winter co-star.


  • Airs Sunday, May 7 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)
  • Ben and Frank get closer to the truth, and an unexpected visitor to the ER sends Mary into a tailspin.


  • Airs Sunday, May 14 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Ben gets closer to learning the truth about Mary, while Des reconsiders his alliance to her.


  • Airs Sunday, May 21 at 10:02PM-11:02PM (ET/PT)

·        On the brink of losing everyone closest to her, Mary seriously considers whether she should give up her operation for good.

MORNING GLORY (#106) Season Finale!

  • Airs Sunday, May 21 at 11:02PM-12:02AM (ET/PT)

·        Mary decides in order to save her family and her career she must make a deal with the devil and accept Grady as her partner.








“DEADLY SORORITY” (U.S. Television Premiere)


·        Premieres Saturday, May 6, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

·        Best friends Samantha and Kristina go their separate ways for the first time when Kristina gets into the hottest sorority on campus. But Kristina realizes this is just the beginning, and her life becomes a nightmare when Kristina is murdered and Samantha finds herself as a potential next target.

·        Stars Greer Grammer, Chloe Babcook, Moira Kelly star. (2016)



“CRADLE SWAPPING” (U.S. Television Premiere)


·        Premieres Sunday, May 7, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • A young couple discovers their baby was swapped for another at the hospital and during a search to find their child unearth a treacherous underworld of child trafficking.
  • Stars Amanda Clayton, Brandon Barash, Patricka Darbo. (2017)



“JUMPING THE BROOM” (Lifetime Premiere)


·        Premieres Friday, May 12, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • Two very different families converge on Martha’s Vineyard one weekend for a wedding.
  • Stars Paula Patton, Laz Alonso and Angela Basset (2011).



“SINISTER MINISTER” (U.S. Television Premiere)


·        Premieres Saturday, May 13, at 8:00PM-10:02PM (ET/PT)

  • Based on a true story. When single mother Trish falls for charismatic minister DJ, she believes that she and her teenage daughter Siena will finally have the stable home life Trish has always wanted. But Trish doesn’t know that DJ is a serial wife killer who is already plotting to get Trish out of the way, desperate to make Siena his next wife..
  • Stars Nikki Howard, Rachel Whittle, Jeff Marchelletta. (2017)



“SUITE FRANCAISE” (U.S. Television Premiere)


·        Premieres Monday, May 22, at 10:00PM-12:02AM (ET/PT)

  • In Nazi-occupied France, Lucille Angellier (Michelle Williams) waits for news of her husband, along with her domineering mother-in-law (Kristin Scott Thomas). When a regiment of German soldiers arrive in the town, they soon move into the villagers’ homes. Lucille tries to ignore Bruno (Matthias Schoenaerts), the German commander who has been posted at her house, but she soon falls in love with him.
  • Stars Michelle Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas (2017).



“THIS IS IT” (Lifetime Premiere)


·        Premieres Sunday, May 28, at 8:00PM-10:32PM (ET/PT)

  • A compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London.
  • Stars Michael Jackson, Alex Al, and Alexandra Apjarova (2009).








·        Premieres Monday, May 29, at 8:00PM-10:32PM (ET/PT)

  • Based on the best-selling book, Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days, the World Premiere Lifetime Original Movie: MICHAEL JACKSON: SEARCHING FOR NEVERLAND is told through the eyes of the King of Pop’s trusted bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard.  Navi, the world’s #1 Michael Jackson tribute artist will star in his acting debut alongside Chad L. Coleman as Jackson’s bodyguard, Bill Whitefield and Sam Adegoke as Javon Beard. The movie will reveal firsthand the devotion Michael Jackson had to his children, and the hidden drama that took place during the last two years of his life. (2017).



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