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Your privacy is important to us! History Vault, LLC and A&E Television Networks, LLC and/or one of their subsidiaries or affiliated companies (collectively, “A+E” or “we” or “us”) owns, operates, licenses and/or provides History Vault, which includes the software comprising the History Vault App and the content made available through the History Vault App.

The information about you that A+E collects through the History Vault is used, maintained and disclosed in accordance with the A&E Privacy Policy. Read more: http://www.aenetworks.com/privacy

Notice to residents of Canada:


Payment for your subscription to History Vault and other in-app purchases is processed through Roku or iTunes. When you subscribe, you will provide the app store with information such as your app store identification and payment information to process your transaction. A+E does not collect or receive this information.

In order to ensure that you can use History Vault on multiple devices, A+E uses service providers to collect and manage your log-in credentials, which includes your first name, last name, user id and password. A+E also requests your age to ensure that you meet the age restrictions in our Terms of Use. A+E’s service providers use your registration information to determine what services and content you are subscribed to and entitled to use.

A+E also uses service providers to perform services associated with the proper function of the App, including determining whether A+E is licensed to display content in the location from which you are using the app by recognizing the country/region location of the IP address assigned to your Internet access, monitoring for disruptions (crashes) or other quality problems during playback, bookmarking where you are in the playback in the event you wish to resume playback at a later time, and information about your device and operating system in order to optimize the delivery and display of the content you request. In addition, A+E uses service providers to collect information regarding your use of History Vault for the purposes of improving History Vault, measuring engagement, and developing and marketing other products and services; however, this information is not combined with your registration information to identify you.

For more information on how we use service providers, please contact Digital Media Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs at DMC@aenetworks.com (subject line: “Privacy Notice Contact”).


As part of your subscription to History Vault, you will receive e-mail insider updates on History Vault and other A+E offerings. You will also receive push notifications from A+E regarding History Vault. You can opt out of receiving email updates at any time by contacting us at optout@aenetworks.com (subject line: “History Vault Email Communications”). You may disable push notifications by adjusting your settings on your mobile device.


If you are a resident of Canada, you may have the right to request access to and correction of information that is about you that we collect in the course of commercial activities. You may also have the right to withdraw your consent from the collection and use of your information if it is about you as an identifiable individual. You may not withdraw consent to information that is required in order to provide the service to you, such as registration information. Please contact the Digital Media Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs DMC@aenetworks.com (subject line: “Privacy Policy Contact”) to exercise these rights. Please identify yourself and, if you are making an access request, specify the information that you would like access to.


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