Our longstanding commitment to veterans and military families includes recruiting and retaining top veteran talent to our ranks, providing support and learning networks, and addressing challenges within the veteran community through outreach.  To learn more about employment and fellowship opportunities contact Christopher Costa.


Take A Vet to School Day
A popular initiative that encourages schools to connect veterans with young people to hear their stories of service and learn more about Veterans Day.
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Thank A Vet At Work
HISTORY has developed a program that encourages businesses to take time out of the day to thank the veterans in our workplaces. Interested in getting involved?
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Pete Sgro Fellowship
A+E Networks® honors the legacy of our late colleague Pete Sgro by giving U.S. military veterans a paid fellowship to explore a career in media as part of the Global Technology and Operation.
Mission to Honor
Read more on the ongoing commitment fromA+E Networks® and History® to honor veterans.
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History Honors
Take a deep dive with History inside the world of the military and all the incredible organizations working to support today’s veterans.
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Military History
Military HISTORY® and HISTORY® illuminate the events that shaped America and the U.S. Military through groundbreaking specials like Pearl Harbor: The Last Word and more.